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In Season Salmon Update

Photo courtesy of Golden Gate Salmon Association


Inseason Estimates

CDFW NEWS: Status Update (August 24, 2022): Provided below are the 2022 California commercial and recreational Chinook salmon landings by number of fish for each management zone. Estimates represent landings from the season opener through the end of July. Refer to the regulation details above for more information on what time periods contribute to inseason catch estimates for each management area and fishery sector. These estimates are draft/preliminary and therefore subject to change, and are provided for informational purposes only. Final 2022 estimates will be published in February 2023 in the Review of 2022 Ocean Salmon Fisheries on the Pacific Fishery Management Council’s website(opens in new tab)Pacific Fishery Management Council’s website(opens in new tab). A hyphen (-) denotes that an area has either not yet opened or opened in a time period for which estimates are not yet available.

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