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Nor-Cal Guides & Sportsmen's Association

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About the NCGASA

The “Sportsmen’s Voice” of Northern California

The Nor-Cal Guides and Sportsmen’s Association (NCGASA) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization representing the “Sportsmen’s Voice” of Northern California. The organization is comprised and operated by nine elected Board of Directors. The directors are elected to a three-year term. The term alternates between two guides and one sportsman/sportswoman every other year. A President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are appointed to the Executive Committee. There will always be an equal number of sportsmen and professional guides on the Board.  The organization also appoints regional program managers throughout California. These managers represent NCGASA in their local community on any fisheries issues, wildlife issues, or to represent professional guides in their region.

Hunting/Land Conservation

Our association has a sub-committee which regularly meets board members from other types of hunting conservation organizations. We all strive to protect the California hunter as their legal rights to hunt are being slowly stripped away. We also work with land conservation organizations to help improve habitat.

Below are the current elected people representing those positions for the organization:
James Stone

2021 President
(term ends 2022)

Rob Decosta

Regional Program Manager
Hunting Division

JD Richey

2021 Vice-President
(2021 to 2023 Guide Board Member)

Chris Schertz

Regional Program Manager
Redding Area

Seth Mitchell

Regional Program Manager Biologist

Kenny Priest

Regional Program Manager
North Coast Region

Anthony Cox

Regional Program Manager
Northern California Lakes

Mike Coopman

Regional Program Manager
Klamath/Smith River
North State Region

Aaron Zanocco

Regional Program Manager
(Feather River/Yuba River)

Darrin Deel

Regional Program Manager
Fly Fishing Division

Kevin Brock

Board of Director
(term ends 2022)

Ron Kelly

Board of Director Sportsmen
(term ends 2022)

Scott Hambelton

Board of Director
(term ends 2021)

Tim Reilly

2021 Secretary
Board of Director Sportsmen 2021-2022

Mike Stratman

Klamath/Eel/Mad/North Coast Areas

Bob Sparre

Guide Board Member
(2021 to 2023)

Alisa Kelly

Admin Assistant

Jason Thatcher

Board of Director
Redding Fly Fishing Areas
(term ends 2021)

Robert Ripley

2021 Treasurer
Sportsmen Board of Director
(term ends 2021)

Brian Clemens

Fly Fishing Guide
Regional Program Manager

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