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Understanding the Klamath River Tribal Fishery and Allocation

Click Here to read the PDF document by Ronnie M. Pierce from Feb. 1998.
PDF file location online:

Readers are reminded that salmon management is a dynamic process; the information provided in this document on harvest rate management and allocations is continually changing. Current information can be obtained from the agency, Tribal, and industry contacts listed on page 5.

Table of Contents:

An Historical Perspective, page 6
Klamath River Tribal Fishing
Aboriginal Fishing
    First Indian Commercial Fisheries
Ocean Commercial Fishing
     Early Ocean Fisheries
Ocean Recreational Fishing
River Recreational Fishing
            Zane Grey Visits the Klamath
Tribal and Non-Tribal Allocation, page 10
Principles of Tribal Fishing Rights
Doctrine of Reserved Rights
            Basics of Treaty Interpretation
Review of Local Fishing Rights Legal History
Reservation Status Confirmed
          Federal Jurisdiction Confirmed
          Parravano v. Babbitt
The Harvest Managers, page 13
Ocean Fisheries
Pacific Fishery Management Council
          State Management of Ocean Fisheries
River Fisheries
 Tribal Management
       River Recreational Management
Cooperative Management
Klamath Fishery Management Council
         Typical Management Schedule
         Salmon Management Regulatory Flow Schematic
Harvest Rate Management, page 18
Protecting Natural Stocks
Salmon Life History
        Natural Stock Policy
Harvest Rate Management
Maximum Sustainable Yield
        Fixed Goal vs. Harvest Rate Management
         Escapement Rate Goals
Allocation Calculations
  Harvest Rate Model
       Tribal Process
Monitoring Harvest and Escapement
Ocean Harvest Estimates
       Tribal Harvest Estimates
       River Recreation Estimates
       Escapement Estimates
       Klamath River Escapement (Figure 6)
Annual Management Process, page 23
Preseason Predictions
           Technical Teams
Information Sharing and Negotiations
Status of the Resource, page 24
      Numeric Distribution of Harvest and Escapement (Figure 7)
What is Being Done, page 25
Harvest Management
      Habitat Restoration

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