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White Sturgeon emergency regulations are posted, submission of comments

New and Proposed Regulations – 2023

  • Read full press release from CDFW concerning to the new sturgeon regulations, CLICK HERE

From the California Fish and Game Commission. A business or a person submitting a comment to a proposed regulation or proposed amendment or repeal of a regulation has the right to request a copy of the final statement of reasons. Copies of the final statements of reasons will be available on the CA Fish and Game Commission’s website as they are prepared. Requests may also be submitted to the California Fish and Game Commission, PO Box 944209, Sacramento, CA 94244-2090.

White Sturgeon (Emergency Regulations)

Office of Administrative Law’s Notice ID # – N/A
Office of Administrative Law’s File ID #TBD
Amend Section 28.15, Title 14, CCR, Re: White Sturgeon

Government Code Section 11346.1 subdivision (a)(2) requires that, at least five working days prior to submission of the proposed emergency action to the Office of Administrative Law (OAL), the adopting agency provide a notice of the proposed emergency action to every person who has filed a request for notice of regulatory action with the agency. After submission of the proposed emergency to OAL, OAL shall allow interested persons five calendar days to submit comments on the proposed emergency regulations as set forth in Government Code Section 11349.6. Any interested person may present statements, arguments, or contentions, in writing, submitted via U.S. mail or e-mail, relevant to the proposed emergency regulatory action. Written comments submitted via U.S. mail or e-mail must be received at OAL within five days after the Commission submits the emergency regulations to OAL for review.

Please reference submitted comments as regarding “2023 White Sturgeon Catch and Release Emergency” addressed to:
Reference Attorney Office of Administrative Law
300 Capitol Mall, Suite 1250 Sacramento, CA 95814

California Fish and Game Commission
Attn: Jenn Bacon P.O. Box 944209 Sacramento, CA 94244-2090

For more information, contact CDFW’s Fisheries Branch and if you would like to comment on how you think the fishery should be run, email: or visit:

You can express your opinions regarding the future of the CA WHITE STURGEON fishery at or if you would like a copy of the public meeting minutes from the White Sturgeon Committee Workshop Group, you can email the Fisheries Branch Sturgeon Coordinator:

• Chuck Bonham, CDFW Director:, email:
• Jay Rowan: Fisheries Branch Chief Jay Rowan, email:

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