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PFMC – Sacramento River Chinook Salmon Fall Run Escapement

Download this PDF file from PFMC sub panelist James Stone that he prepared for the PFMC meetings in Seattle (March 3-March 10). Some informational charts to clarify some of the science behind the potential reason for a salmon fishing closure in 2023 . Click Here


  • State of Sac Valley Chinook Fall Run Fishery Collapsed
  • Model Data is Bias based on state reporting
  • Model Inaccuracy (Forecast, Escapement, & Harvest)
  • Natural Spawning Component Collapsed
  • Zero Water Allocation for Fall Run/Bad Water Management
  • Low Hatchery Production/Survival & Mortality/Adult Returns/Stray Rates
  • Exploitation Rate Exceeded 70% Fall Run HARVEST CONTROL RULE in 2022
  • Escapement 6/8 years missed 122,000 min escapement
  • 2022 returns 61,850 adults 6,996 jacks (3rd worst jack # in history)
  • PFMC Sacramento Floor set in 1984. (122,000-180,000)
  • Sacramento Conservation Objective Should been Raise Floor Escapement in Sac Valley in 2011. Science supports 240k-380k spawners or more.

2023 Recreational Ocean Salmon Regulations

2023 recreational ocean salmon fishing seasons will be determined at the March and April 2023 Pacific Fishery Management Council Meetings. You can listen in or join the meeting, click here. You can also get regular updates and find the PFMC agenda on Twitter at @PFMCagenda

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