2008 Disaster Relief Aide – from the “California Salmon Coucil” website

The California Salmon Council (CSC) under the direction of the California Department of Fish & Game (DFG) assembled an Advisory Committee to develop a first draft recommendation for the 2008 Commercial and Recreational Salmon Fisheries Disaster Program. The DFG took the Council’s recommendations and worked with the governments of Oregon and Washington to create a uniform set of criteria for the three impacted states. The following California plan is posted here for public view.

The CSC will assist the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC) to distribute the 2008 disaster funds in accordance with the plan when it is officially approved by the Federal Government. Please see the PSMFC cover letter and the 2008 Disaster Relief Criteria Plan below:

PSMFC memo regarding relief plan
Criteria and relief distribution information

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Governor Schwarzenegger Proclaims Drought, Calls For New Dams

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger used his press conference at the on Tuesday at the State Capitol, where he signed an executive order proclaiming a drought in California, as yet another opportunity to campaign for his plan to build more dams and improve “conveyance”- a euphemism for the construction of the peripheral canal. ‹ Click to Read More ›

Related Documents – NORCAL Fishing Guides and Sportsmen’s Association

The destruction of our local rivers and delta, as well as the decline in fish numbers, is a very real problem. It is also well documented, although many of these documents seem to be overlooked by government and state agencies when it comes to important decision making. However, this section of the NorCal Fishing Guides and Sportsmen’s Association website is dedicated to highlighting the problems and analysing the situation so that we all have the facts and figures to hand.


Document 1 – An Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Mitigation Plan for Shasta and Keswick Dams

Document Outline – This document highlights the efforts of the mitigation plans for both Shasta and Keswick dams. It also looks at exactly how effective those mitigation plans have been, and indicates possible areas for improvement and the reasons why more mitigation is required to right the wrongs.
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Document 2 – Battle Creek Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Plan

Document Outline – This restoration plan, compiled in 1999 by Kier Associates of Sausalito, California considers the most effective methods that could have been taken to help rejuvenate and regrow the populations of salmon and steelhead in the Battle Creek watershed.
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Document 3 – Shasta Salmon Salvage Efforts: Coleman National Fish Hatchery on Battle Creek, 1895 –1992

Document Outline – The third document concentrates on the Coleman National Fish Hatchery located in Battle Creek. It looks at what efforts have been made to prevent further damage and improve the situation. It also shows some of the inherent problems that our fish face from the actions being taken and the constant changes in their local environment.
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Document 4 – FCS Historic Release, 1945 – 2001

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Document 5 – Economic Impacts of Salmon FishingFebruary 12, 2001

By Madalene M. Ransom, State Economist USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Davis, CA.
530-792-5670,  madalene.ransom @ ca.usda.gov

Document Outline – This report presents estimates of the economic impact per salmon in 1998 dollars.  Economic impact is the set of direct effects and ripple effects of spending money for salmon fishing.  In this report, the economic impact is estimated as the impact that spending has on the total sales of goods and services related to salmon fishing.
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